Reverse XML – my lessons learned for millennial sake

In April of 2001, I was so much into XML and had some innovative ideas of my own. I was working as a software engineer at Knowledgeview. The company was heavily focused on developing content syndication software for news agencies and newspapers. At that time the language Perl was still dominant for parsing text and […]

Python Getting Started

Getting started with Python Best place to start with Python is on Python main site itself Sometimes playing around with Python libraries for different projects can mess things up, so it is best to create virtual environment for separate Python projects. Quick and easy tool to use Perfect tool for coding in Python […]

Amazon Alexa Getting Started

Alexa development ####Getting started with Alexa service Code to install the sample Alexa app Code to train the Alexa with a new skill Skills development ⁃ Read ⁃ Develop a custom skill using aws lambda or a webservice with https ⁃ Need a full device for full testing but you can […]

Stanford Core NLP Sentiment Analysis

There is no shortage of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms on the Internet. Open source software is available for accessing NLP libraries are also available in nearly every major programming language. Few of the major key NLP frameworks are: Stanford Core NLP Stanford Core NLP includes a set of libraries for natural language analysis. This […]