Commodore 64/128 FTP Sites

I found this set of FTP sources for the Commodore 64 and 128 from one old mailing list
Commodore FTP Sites Listing Last update 21 Aug 2009 by Cameron Kaiser


Last updated: 24 Jun 2006
Username: c64
Password: rulez
Directory: /
Description: Various scene and game-oriented files, including an FUnet mirror,
an NTSC demo area, a COMPUTE! archive and a Lt. Kernal archive.

FTP: (
Last update: 01 Sep 1997
Directory: /pub/cpm
Description: CP/M and various system files.
Also available by email from mail-…

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub
Description: Demoscene-oriented, a lot of demos, magazines, tools.
Major site for the Plus4. Located in Hungary. Offers C64
and C128 stuff as well. The directory structure is:
Directory: c128 5/31/02 12:00:00 AM
Directory: c64 1/16/06 12:00:00 AM
Directory: 12/31/05 12:55:00 AM
Directory: incoming 4/24/02 12:00:00 AM
Directory: plus4 1/6/06 8:45:00 PM
Directory: users 9/3/05 7:16:00 AM

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /kermit/c
Description: Official distribution site for Kermit, the famous multi-system
terminal program. Offers SwiftLink and standard versions. For
64 and 128. Look for c64*.

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /midi/software/c64
Description: Information on MIDI for the C64 and some software.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/usenet-by-group/comp.sys.cbm/
Description: Relevant Commodore FAQ documents.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Site for c64 software. Very active and currently maintained.
Demo-scene oriented with a large number of demos and coding tools.

FTP: (
Last updated: 15 Jun 1999
Directory: /pub/user/spectre/
Description: The Computer Workshops shareware archive. Various downloadable utilities and games are also in this archive. Most programs are shareware/freeware. Also distributes HyperLink and support files, Kermit for the C64, and various other utilities.

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub
Description: This site is mantained by Bo Zimmerman. It contains many Commodore utilities, programs made by a former group, and some programs for BBS’s. Lots of fun little system support utilities, too. And he listens to KISS.
The new directory structure holds the former FUnet content
under /pub/cbm and also some CP/M items under /pub/cpm.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Active demo site maintained by Trasher & Riddler of Active. Also lots of emulator-oriented stuff, games, Amiga files and other helpful utilities.

FTP: (
FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Site of the Digital Dungeon (HQ. for SCS*TRC) featuring games, demos, tools, and party pictures. Be sure to
check into all the directories and sub-directories of this
massive collection of CBM files, and the extensive
collection of music files and music tools. Many files are
Unix zipped. Unzip in your ISP shell.

The directory structure includes:
-rw-r–r– 1 1008 1008 1001709 Jan 16 05:07 ALL-FILES.TXT
-rw-r–r– 1 1008 1008 174848 Jan 15 22:46 DEMO122B.D64
drwxrwxr-x 5 1008 1008 4096 Nov 29 07:50 Demos
-rw-r–r– 1 1008 1008 6876 Jan 13 11:36 MISSING_FILES.TXT
drwxrwxr-x 243 1008 1008 8192 Jan 16 11:35 Magazines
drwxrwxr-x 4 1008 1008 4096 Nov 06 13:25 Misc
drwxrwxr-x 10 1008 1008 4096 Dec 15 14:53 Music
-rw-r–r– 1 1008 1008 18501 Jan 16 11:08 NEW-FILES.TXT
drwxrwxr-x 151 1008 1008 4096 Jan 15 00:43 Party
drwxrwxr-x 8 1008 1008 4096 Oct 17 2004 Scene
drwxrwxr-x 20 1008 1008 4096 Aug 24 10:51 Tools
-rw-r–r– 1 1008 1008 1045 Oct 26 14:38 UPLOAD-RULES.TXT
drwxrwxrwt 7 1008 1008 4096 Jan 14 15:13 incoming

IDEAS 2018 Conference Speaker

I will be presenting at IDEAS – Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association Dallas 2018 conference. My topic was just approved by the committee and it is titled “practical and collaborative method to jump start into machine learning projects using open source with Jupyter Notebooks and Google Collab.” The aim of my talk is to encourage more entries to machine learning science using hands-on methods that are more open and collaborative instead of closed black box methods. I know there are more DIY methods and techniques but i am limiting it to few at the talk due to time constraints and respecting audience’s attention. I will however expand the various options in a future paper. You can read more about the Dallas conference at

I hope to see many of you there.

Thank you IDEAS – Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association for accepting my abstract.

Build with Watson

Last night I played around with IBM Watson Internet of Things and Bluemix cloud services platform using their developer tools. IBM changed their developer pricing policy to allow free light accounts not to expire which is a great for unlimited prototyping. I experimented with training Watson conversations dialogues and natural language understanding using their visual aid tool and the github sample codes as part of their machine learning development platform and later ran an IOT simulator using a sample NodeJs app uploaded to their cloud using cloud foundry as part of their IOT development platform. A feature that I liked but didn’t play with it yet was IBM recipes for IoT using NodeRed, a flow based programming tool that was originally created by IBM engineers but is now part of JS Foundation. I plan to a run a real prototype with my Raspberry PIs and Arduinos soon and potentially extend it with Watson as well for an office prototype project.

Check IBM Watson developer program and IBM Watson for IOT

Dallas AI Second Meetup on Deep Learning

In our second meetup event, Viswanath Puttagunta, CTO of Divergence Academy, gave an overview of Convolution Neural Networks, and then Mandeep Kumar, CEO and Mahesh Kashyap CDO of Deep Cognition presented their desktop and cloud-based studio for developing neural networks. Divergence Academy provides courses on various topics including data science. Check Divergence Academy data science program As for Deep Cognition, Inc. they developed a complete platform for designing and applying deep learning algorithms. What I found interesting about their product is that they provide a multi dimensional view of an AI implementation. You first drag and drop building blocks to build a neural network in a wizard-like fashion and then look behind the model to see the generated code. The generated machine learning code is heavily based on ResNets, VGGs, CNNs, and Keras, all very popular deep learning frameworks and libraries. More information about Deep Cognition Thank you Divergence Academy and Deep Cognition for your sponsorship and presentation.

Google AIY

Setting up Google Voice AIY was an easy challenge but getting Google Vision AIY took a deep toll on me to successful solder the smaller Raspberry PI Zero W gpio pins. Messed up two PIs along the way but improving my soldering skills out weigh the cost of two $5 PI Zeros excluding the gas and time lost from the multiple trips to the store. i proudly think that I perfected the art of soldering (personal bias). Nevertheless, the multi faced benefits of Raspberry PIs, along with Arduinos, for the of things multiplied with artificial intelligence are amazing. Couple of years back I won a hackathon thanks to a RasPi idea, now I have one for retro games, and, more recently, couple of ones for AI proof of concept projects. If you never used a Raspberry Pi, go get one ! Any one!

More details about Google AIY is at


Friday web findings on machine learning

Deep Learning

There is a lot of great videos on deep learning on the internet. Just do a YouTube search for deep learning. The one that most inspired me are the following is Yoshua Bengio TEDx talk in 2017. Joshua Bengio one of the founding fathers of modern-day machine learning.

YouTube link

also a great video about deep learning is available from Andrew Ng – Nuts and Bolts of Applying Deep Learning (2016)

YouTube link

Other YouTube clips from Deep Learning School that happened in September 24/25, 2016, thanks to Lex Fridman,

I also enjoyed learning from “Tensorflow and deep learning – without a PhD by Martin Görner”.

YouTube link

Search and Other Notes

Shared this is with my team about search engines ideas for custom development of our learning site:

Search Engines

  • Class-Central searches for top online courses. Notice the recommendation process including “student interests” and reviews. We can develop “student interests” by tracking number of hits to courses.
  • Moocha search engine developed for online courses from leading MOOC universities. Notice the speed of the results but don’t be fooled because the course database may be limited. However, the page response is focused on speed rather than rich text. This is how we need to think of search – speed
  • Yahoo open sourced their search engine, named Vespa, that drives, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and other Yahoo sites. announcement . The code is accessible at Vespa Quick Start

Definitions of the day for Less-tech savvy (and the tech savvy):

Open Source: code that is freely accessible to the public. However, it is does not mean that you can freely integrate the code within your application. You need read the license associated with the open source code. Popular open source products at Wiki Open Source Packages. Also read about open source licenses at

Responsive Design: “an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with.” – Wiki – Responsive Web Design. The way to do this is not to develop a mobile application from the scratch but, instead, add special stylesheets (we call it CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – see wiki on CSS) in your website code to turn into it mobile-friendly displays when accessed via mobile and, at the same time, stay in its desktop-mode when accessed through regular desktop or laptop computers. The predominant tool for integrating responsive design in your application is Bootstrap that can be used in commercial products as described in its license

Developing Skills

  • College degree is becoming less relevant in the marketplace compared to learning and creativity outside college walls. For instance, both Ernest & Young and Penguin Random House removed university degrees as a key hiring criteria. In other words, you don’t need to pursue a masters or a PhD degree to become successful in your job. Focus on your personal successes in the job or in school and demo!
  • Build talent in 3 steps. Read, Prototype, Write.

Friday Reads

Machine Learning in General

Technology in General