AI/ML supporting hometowns of international students: what, how and why?

Nearly everyone around by now has either heard or used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in some form or fashion. Some students are already publishing papers in the field while other students are applying various AI techniques in their research, internships, or just for fun. Professionals in the industry have either incorporated some […]

Chess and Coding

Even software professionals can be rated like chess players. Whether it is successfully delivering a complex project or getting rewarded based on an innovative solution, the pressures of keeping up with one’s own rating even if was something virtual can lead to self-imposed stress and fear. When a chess player is facing tough competition in […]

Staying on top of your game

The big challenge to stay on top of your game is to stay focused, be organized, and keep learning. When you are young, supervised learning is the way to go but it gets harder with unsupervised learning as you age. Hence, to keep us humans fit just as machine with deep learning are these days, […]

Are you a scuba or a skin diver

Both scuba divers, those with oxygen bottles under water, and skin drivers, those floating over the water looking down with snorkeling masks, can find treasure. Which one can be like you? A scuba diver would stay deep under water but can’t stay long because the oxygen in their bottle is limited and their equipment is […]

Game-playing in the enterprise

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and computer game software pioneer, once said “man is a game-playing animal, and a computer is another way to play games”. The breakthrough in personal computer also started with games thanks to the homebrew nerds that collaborated together in the late 70s. I think if we maintain a philosophy of […]

Sum not necessarily better than its parts

The sum of all parts does not always make it better than its parts. Take the words “block” and “chain” in blockchain. Blocks in toys were invented as early as the 1500s way before Minecraft made history with its digital blocks. Chains were used in 225BC to draw buckets of water and, in 16th century, […]

“Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – Geek Food for Thought” – UT Austin presentation

Last Thursday we presented “Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – Geek Food for Thought” at the University of Texas in Austin Computer Science department. Thomson Reuters is one of the Friends of the University of Texas at Austin that gives students an excellent opportunity to engage with the industry and learn more about companies that […]

Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – From Labs to Product, Real Use Cases at Thomson Reuters

Looking forward to presenting “Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – From Labs to Product, Real Use Cases at Thomson Reuters” at The University of Texas at Austin computer science department tomorrow. We will highlight some cool products that recently came out of the Thomson Reuters Labs and showcase how easy, beneficial, and cheaper nowadays for […]

“AI & I at Work” – University of Texas at Dallas MIS Club Presentation

Update: Link to the presentation via DropBox  Note: you need to download the presentation and turn it into presentation mode to access the videos. Also, GitHub link for Sentiment-Tweets  and GitHub link for AutoML Course Reviews I love my University of Texas in Dallas MIS Club audience! I started with running videos of key events in the history of […]

Jump Start into Machine Learning

YouTube recording of a presentation I gave earlier this year (check previous post). In the session, I discussed my passion in the field of computers and showcased various machine learning techniques and applications using Google AIY using Raspberry Pi, Google Collab, and even a neural network on a Commodore 64.