Tarek Hoteit

Tarek's news and notes on computers and innovation

I am Lebanese American IT executive, husband, dad, and extremely techie living with family in Washougal, Washington. My career and passion in computers spans more than 35 years. It all began somewhere around 1981 when I first saw Pacman on an Atari 2600. Since 1981 and to this day in 2020, I never turned back on computers.

I joined Banfield, a Mars Inc Company, in August of 2019. Banfield is the largest privately owned chain of veterinary hospitals in the world with over a thousand pet hospitals in the United States. I lead IT teams in digital transformation, data science, innovation, and strategy. Prior to Banfield, I took various IT leadership positions at Thomson Reuters and Verizon Communications in Dallas. I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut, Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dallas, and Ph.D. in Management and Technology from Walden University. I am also a certified lean six sigma black belt with successful process efficiency solutions that yielded multi-million savings under my belt. Besides my corporate engagement, I help support the IT community through speaking engagements, open source code contributions, and authoring various types of publications.

I mentor anyone seeking to build their career in computers and technology. I believe that everyone, old or young, should learn computer coding regardless of their day to day activity. Coding is not only a science, but it is also an art that lives around us and is in every digital thing we do or use. Knowing how to code in today’s digital world would yield even more powerful human intelligence for us and everyone around us. I started coding at a very young age, at nine years old, to be specific. My love for computers and programming never faded but instead continuously grew throughout the years as I continually picked up and adapted to new technology trends. One type of technology that stayed in my blood all along is old school video games and collecting retro game consoles as a hobby. You will notice on the site and many times in my talks is me referring to video games, both old and new, as a problem-solving art and innovative science that all computer professionals should take inspiration from in their next customer success projects.