Manjaro Linux

Super impressed with Manjaro Linux that is based on Arch Linux. In the past, I would spend time configuring Arch Linux to my liking but, now, I want something stable, quick, and saves me time but with the power of Arch Linux. Manjaro Linux, a French origin distribution, does just that! I took the jump… Continue reading Manjaro Linux

2000’s resume

Time in tech flies without knowing. I found my year 2000 resume that includes my key accomplishments in web development during web 1.0 in the 90s. (My career 1st started in technical support of Micron computers and assembling pcs – the latter is what teenage kids do these days for building gaming computers) In web,… Continue reading 2000’s resume

Father’s Day

My dad (he passed away ten years ago) was the number 1 supporter of my computer passion. I remember him signing me up to a computer club when I was seven. He later bought me my first computer, the Commodore Vic 20. That same year or the year before, he also attempted to fix my… Continue reading Father’s Day