World Book Day

Celebrating #worldbookday2021. The bookshelves behind me where I work at home have vintage computer books from the past decades. It gives me inspiration and a continuous passion for computers and technologies each and every day.

VAX Terminals

While reading Tracy Kidder book “The Soul of a New Machine” which tells the entrepreneurship history of minicomputers, I remembered the VAX terminal machines we used at the American University of Beirut Computer Science department a long time ago. We were coding on green screens and getting mesmerized with code printouts from the matrix paper.… Continue reading VAX Terminals

How to Design Programs

great online book for software development “How to Design Programs, Second Edition by Matthias Felleisen, et al. The online book is released in 2018 under Creative Commons license – therefore the link is free to share at About the book: “This introduction to programming places computer science at the core of a liberal arts… Continue reading How to Design Programs

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