Code Voice Arabic

My podcast with Coder Voice in Arabic. I spoke about my early start in computers in the early eighties, my professional career in Lebanon and the United States. We then talked about AI, open-source, and retro computers. Thank you, Hassan Kanj – حسن كنج for letting me share my voice. نتحدث في الحلقة ٢٩ من… Continue reading Code Voice Arabic

Programmers at Work

Dr. Charles Simonyi, a famous developer of the first Microsoft Office software, said in Susan Lammers’s book Programmers at Work (1986 Microsoft Press) that he gives programmers on their first day of work the book How to Solve It” by George Polya (1st published in 1945). They would follow Polya’s four steps of problem-solving: 1-… Continue reading Programmers at Work

The Qwerty Keyboard

The (QWERTY) keyboard we all use daily dates back to 1874. Its inventor Christopher Latham Sholes aligned the keys to type faster. He avoided placing the most common pair of keys, such as “K” and “T,” next to each other to prevent jamming when both keys placed on metal plates are rapidly pressed in succession.… Continue reading The Qwerty Keyboard