Jupyter Labs & VIM Editor

A best of both worlds: – VIM mode for rapid coding, inserting and moving around the text ever since the terminal days using key command shortcuts – The Jupyter Labs for interactive Python coding.  Why vim? Read Hackaday – Editor Wars: The Revenge of VIM.  Why Jupyter? Read Hackaday – Drops of Jupyter Notebooks: How to Keep… Continue reading Jupyter Labs & VIM Editor

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Game and Watch

Nintendo is celebrating its 40th anniversary of Super Mario and the 20th anniversary of its original Game and Watch with the latest Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The Game and Watch were so amazing. As a kid, I would carry the two that I had everywhere, even to bed. A list of all the games… Continue reading Game and Watch

Remembering PC Magazine

Same time 12 years ago, PC Magazine stopped its print edition. Tech magazines were as important as computers during the evolution of personal computing. Other well-known magazines that many computing enthusiasts would recall and which stopped their printing or completely shutdown include Popular Electronics (1954-1985), Creative Computing (1974-1985), Byte (1975-1998), InfoWorld (1978-2007), Compute! (1979-1994), 80/Microcomputing (1980-1988), Dr Dobbs (1976-2009), Boardwatch (1987-2001), Antic (1982-1990), Compute!’s Gazette (1983-1995), Computer and Video Games (1981, 2004), Commodore User (1983-1990), and PC World (1983-2003). 

Chess Queens Gambit

Loved the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit. It is about chess, but it is also about life, health, and competition. Pocket News has a nice collection of reading material to accompany the movie – A Chess Reading List for Watching ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. 

Steve Wozniak & Apple II

A great blog post by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak “Why the Apple II Didn’t Support Lowercase Letters” on vintage computing website. On why the early 70s highly successful Apple II did not support lower case letters, Steve tells a larger story that reveals his ingenuity and his openness to share. Even as one of the most influential computer… Continue reading Steve Wozniak & Apple II

Emupedia Emulator OS

Emupedia EmuOS is a browser-based emulator with the 90’s Windows theme for playing retro games online without installation. You can access it at “emupedia – emuos“. The emulation is shared for video game preservation purposes. It follows other nonprofit organizations’ archiving and preservation efforts, such as the Internet Archive, the Archive Team, Video Game History Foundation (https://gamehistory.org/), and… Continue reading Emupedia Emulator OS

Project Connected Home over IP

It is a step forward in increasing the compatibility between intelligent home IoT products through the Zigbee Alliance. They just announced the Project Connected Home over IP in partnership with Amazon, Google, and Apple. The top players in the home IoT consumer products and the members of the Zigbee Alliance, including Samsung, IKEA, Phillips, and other manufacturers, are working towards… Continue reading Project Connected Home over IP

Arm 1 and Apple m1

Ken Shirriff @kenshirriff shows a fantastic comparison between the original ARM processor that was originally created in 1983 for the Acorn computer with 25 thousand transitions and the now Apple M1 Arm with 16 billion transistors. The image of the dies below makes the 1985 Arm the size of one pixel in the M1. Apple invested in… Continue reading Arm 1 and Apple m1

Computer-generated Music

Listen to the first-ever computer-generated music recorded using Turing Machine, the Marc II, by the British computer scientist Christopher Strachey with the help of Alan Turning himself in 1951. The computer filled the entire floor, and the music included: God Save the King, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, and Glenn Miller’s swing classic In the Mood.… Continue reading Computer-generated Music