3D Monster Maze

3D Monster Maze is regarded as the earliest horror game created for computers. The game was first played on the Sinclair ZX81 in 1981. The player is put in a maze with only one exit and a hostile T-Rex dinosaur. You, as the player, through a first-person perspective, must escape without being eaten. Happy Halloween! 3D… Continue reading 3D Monster Maze

No Code

I recently read a 1977 article about the dawn of personal computers and their promises, such as home automation and business applications. That made me think about the Tech Crunch article The-Code Generation is Arriving by Danny Crichton, which talks about no coding needed in today’s technology world. The code to generate code was possibly an afterthought… Continue reading No Code

Moved by Java

Oracle Java team released the historical timeline of Java as part of Java’s 25th anniversary. What I found interesting is that the Java language was first named Oak prior to 1995, but that name was already registered. Silk, Lyric, Pepper, NetProse, Neon, Ruby, WebDancer, and WebSpinner were other names that were considered. Imagine if the legendary… Continue reading Moved by Java

Apple 1 Computer

Bookmarks related to the Apple 1 computer links Apple I Auctions – Computer World May, 2013 Apple I Auction NPR Classic Computing Blog – David Greelish – Lonnie Mims Interview Apple I Owners Club Joe Torzewski’s Apple I Page books Book: iWoz by Steve Wozniak Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage by Tom… Continue reading Apple 1 Computer

Vintage Computing Sites

Vintage computing resources that I found on the Internet. podcasts Floppy Days ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast Next Without For Podcast – Earl Evans Chicken Lips Radio Podcast – Earl Evans festivals KansasFest Commodore Vegas Expo Vintage Computer Festival Midwest Chicago TI International World Faire Indiana Computer Museum on Facebook Various Apple II History Website… Continue reading Vintage Computing Sites

High School Award

Found this in my archives. I was 17 years old junior at the American Community School Beirut. In 1991, the class was learning BASIC, which I knew already from elementary days. The lab instructor saw me bored, made me his assistant, and gave me the “Oh Pascal!” book. My first task was to write a… Continue reading High School Award

Altair 8800 Computer

Bookmarks related to the Altair 8800 Computer photos Popular Electronics cover links wikipedia The Tenth anniversary of the Altair 8800, with Forrest Mims III January, 1985 Computers & Electronics Cracking Open the Altair 8800, Cnet Virtual Altair Museum Altair Computer Club books Altair MITS Computer Notes video Gates’ memories of the Altair on YouTube Altair… Continue reading Altair 8800 Computer

Arabic Computing

Bookmarks related to Arabic computing games Captain Majed The game of death Arabic-language computer games showcased Top 5 Arab games Mohammed AlSharekh [AI, and the future of the Arabic Language – Mohammad AlSharekhTEDxAlShuwaikh](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqkH6M2BPLE) Story of computer sakhr with Mohammed AlSharekh How Sakhr was named Localization Microsoft Teams Arabic programming !!Con 2018: Creating an Arabic Programming… Continue reading Arabic Computing

Computing Shows

There are several shows that I would recommend on vintage computing and the history of the video gaming industry: “High Score,” “Silicon Cowboys” and “Halt and Catch Fire” (fiction but has truth to it) on Netflix, “Console Wars” on CBS, “Triumph of the Nerds” and “Calculating Ada” on Curiosity Stream, “A Rift in the Valley,”… Continue reading Computing Shows

CMU Hearsay I

Today, we are accustomed to interacting with Alexa or Siri using speech recognition technology, but it started as early as 1972 with Hearsay I at Carnegie Mellon University. Hearsay I was the first software that understood spoken English and responded to it. Check the 1973 video by Raj Reddy, an Indian-American computer scientist, an early… Continue reading CMU Hearsay I