Signed copy of Adam Osborne’s book

A great accidental find! A signed book of “Hypergrowth” by Adam Osborne himself, the founder of the first commercially successful laptop computer, the Osborne 1, in 1981. The book was coauthored by the legendary tech columnist John C Dvorak. I also found a letter signed by the makers of “The Computer Show” in the book.

Doug Engelbart documentary released

Check the documentary of the revolutionary Douglas Engelbart, who created the computer mouse and “the mother of all demos” in 1968, showcasing all fundamental elements of interactive computing far ahead of its time.

Time Magazine 1950 Cover of Mark III

What can be a great item to frame in my vintage computing office library? A 70-year copy of the first Time magazine cover that features a computer and references AI? The cover is 1950 Howard Aiken’s Mark III computer, and the corresponding article of January 23, 1950, edition discusses early artificial intelligence with the title… Continue reading Time Magazine 1950 Cover of Mark III

Remembering Jerry Lawson

Same-day in 1977, the home game console Atari 2600 was launched and ultimately revolutionized the game industry. The idea of plugging different game cartridges, like Pac-Man or Space Invaders, into the system, allowing us kids to play video games, was key to Atari and subsequent game consoles. The credit was given to Atari when, in… Continue reading Remembering Jerry Lawson