Windows Shortcuts while WFH

Contrary to what many people believe, working from home means more work and more multitasking with your computer than when you are in the office. To be more efficient, you need to master keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly move from one task to another. Check this link for Microsoft Windows shortcuts and this link for Mac keyboard shortcuts
Also having an Amazon Alexa Echo can be useful for some headset-free music or as a digital assistant tool. If you use Microsoft Teams for collaboration, make sure to turn the background blur option on so that people do not see anything or anyone but you. More tips to share on an occasional basis. #staysafe #banfieldlife

Inventions & Documentations

Many past inventions, such as 17th century mechanical calculator machines or early 20th century computers, suffered from clearly identifying the innovators and the original creators. Chronology of events is important for history and documentation as future creators built on previous accomplishments. Technology is moving fast, new developers and creators are now rushing to publish something out there and share it without making an effort to document their work or properly disclose where the ideas came form. Fast forward to a decade from now, no one will have a clue who is truly the innovator or the impostor. Managers must enforce documentation to their team and they themselves must be held accountable for that they manage. Coders/creators must write the story behind their work and publish it some where that is accessible by the organization (or society) that entrusted the work to them. Everyone should write their true story. It is the first step in building a factual history in the future. #technology #innovation #history

Exciting Times for Chatbots

Exciting times for chatbots. Team completed a next generation of an enterprise-scale mobile-base chatbot with new functionalities and speedy response. Wasn’t easy but worth it. Focus and determination is key. We are also doing some other r&d experiments with voice chatbots as priorities allow. I built my first enterprise chatbot in 2003, and I am so fortunate to be involved again 17 years layer with that same energy and momentum. In today’s world, It is essential for IT leaders to continuously build their technical skills and stay hands-on. They would be the voice of their team and would be able to bridge communication and information between the business and IT. If you are an IT leader who is finding himself or herself far away from technologies, feel free to message me and I will recommend ways to get that IT mojo back. #leadership #technology #banfieldlife