Near Future Innovation with Zeros and Ones!

Most of my LinkedIn contacts are IT, but I am learning more each and every day the #banfieldlife at Banfield Pet Hospital. The company’s vision “making a better world for pets” is an important lesson about caring in life. So let me say this. The technology and science of 0s and 1s metamorphosed into the AI, mobile, web, robots, and anything digital we take for granted each day. Everyone knows that, but, at Banfield and I am specifically calling out IT here, the digital work that we do each and every day with those binary 0s and 1s help support the lives and well being for everyone and every living thing we care about. The heart of our digital transformation and AI innovation in the workplace is about lives that matter. I am becoming 45 years old soon, health and well being is very important to me at this point, but my technology passion is even much stronger than ever before. More importantly, my lifelong journey with computers has matured from loving the computers of 0s and 1s since childhood to caring and helping save lives through innovation, team collaboration love, and continued help by the digital 0s and 1s. I truly respect Mars and Banfield pet care mission and admire its leadership.

Learning IT history for future innovation

To succeed with innovation in today’s digital word, one need to absorb up all histories of past computer technology accomplishments. One can go back as far as possible in time and space and will always pick something new to learn about such as technology life lessons, disruptions, transformations, failures, successes, sacrifices, and more. I just picked this book up from a brick and mortar library, and so far I cannot let it down except when I am writing this digital post. #technology

One month at Banfield

What an amazing company Banfield Pet Hospital with its biggest heart for saving lives. Whether it is at HQ in Vancouver WA or at any of its thousandths hospitals, you would immediately witness an energetic staff that wants to help not just pets but also people and the community at large. The HQ building in Vancouver WA is also fascinating. Huge ceilings, gigantic vertical garden, and an open space workplace that is purposely no different in form or shape for leaders and everyone else. A month has passed so far for me at Banfield, and I am so happy with my decision to join such a great company. I would summarize my experience by saying “Banfield is where people care a lot, and it’s the place where you can make a positive difference in the world today!” I would also encourage you to check Banfield Careers at #technology #healthcare #innovation #pets #careers #Vancouver #Washington #Portland #peoplecare #banfieldlife