Uber & Airbnb to the rescue

If past governments could not turn Lebanon into a non-sectarian non-religious-divided society, mobile services apps such as Uber and Airbnb might do that. Lebanon is divided between Moslem and Christian areas. Peaceful during the most times, but you would sense the awkwardness if you are a person of one religion hanging out or living in the opposite side. You are easily called out by uttering your name or mentioning where you are originally from. The situation does not usually escalate, but it is an uneasy situation to say the least. It has been the case for years, but, nowadays, thanks to apps like Uber and Airbnb, people of any religion can move around or lodge in all areas without such a problem. Such apps do not discriminate, and no app consumer or service provider wants bad publicity online. This is perfect because 1) all Lebanese people need to live happily with their neighbors regardless of sect or religion and 2) service-based mobile apps help boost individuals’ income in ways where Lebanese governments could not do because of the political divisions. When I was recently in Lebanon, I enjoyed Airbnb and Uber wherever we were and felt that we are in new age of unity and prosperity.

DIY risk taking

One essential characteristic in management and leadership is problem solving. It is coming to see IT professionals saying how they solved customer issues or a business problem. But how often do you hear an IT guy or gal saying “I am a handy man and have been relatively successful in solving my own household issues such as electrical or plumbing or hard and heavy work landscaping or fixing anything broken anywhere in the house – small or big”. Not because it is about being cost effective compared to hiring a professional. Instead, it is about analyzing, designing, strategizing, and believing in your self and your guilt feeling. That’s exactly what I was doing these past two weeks with my house and everything around it. Feels good. Sometimes you fail, but you rationalize what has happened and learn from it. Hard work accompanied with continuous learning is a precious asset. It’s worth taking such risk with what you own, because your experience will transcend across every part of your professional and personal life. Make sure to clean after you work, otherwise you will have unforeseen problems in the house!

Goodbye Thomson Reuters

Working for Thomson Reuters for the past two and half years was a great if not the best career experience of my life. Not only I led and drove with love innovative solutions for the company, its employees and its customers, but I learned more about myself – how to be better in what I do and for who I do it for. Self awareness is important as long as you stay mindful of everyone around that you support directly, indirectly or vice versa. Thank you, Thomson Reuters, and thank you, all my mentors, team, colleagues, and office friends. Good bye.

social media plagiarism

In school or college, plagiarism was a big deal. On the internet, it isn’t. You may look smart in front of an audience after you extrapolated some language or code from the net and did not bother to cite the source or give proper credit. You get away with it one time, two time, or many times. Your sudden fame with thousands plus likes makes you convinced that your are indeed special. Anyone calling you out looks like an act of jealousy or becomes a buried message behind all the kudos messages you receive. Please don’t plagiarize or claim something is yours by simply hiding any references. Be original. Be creative. Be respectful. Don’t cheat even there are no teachers around!!