8-bit Symphony

If you are a fan of 8-bit retro computer games, especially the Commodore 64, combined with a mixture of symphonic orchestra and modern-day electronic music sensation for the gaming generation, watch the live stream of 8-bit Symphony and Commodore 64 at 12cst for free on YouTube’s c64audio channel or Twitch https://c64audio.com. Music includes Imagine Ocean (Comic… Continue reading 8-bit Symphony

Tech Titans – Intentional Future Making”

I attended Tech Titans sponsored” Intentional Future Making” event at UTD. The speakers were Anne Balsamo, Dean of UTD School ATEC, Gwen Ishmael, Escalent SVP, and Ted Farrington, Kalypso Fellow. Dr. Balsamo discussed the importance of researching culture and human behavior for innovation. Ms. Ishmael shared use cases on digital ethnographic research and how it applies in today’s… Continue reading Tech Titans – Intentional Future Making”

Gen Z in Corporate Strategy

In several forums on digital transformations that I attended in the last two years, I would ask the panelists whether they are incorporating Generation Z millennials into their product development strategy. In such forums, you never get a “yes” or “no” answer. That is understandably ok, but the silence before saying anything makes it clear.… Continue reading Gen Z in Corporate Strategy

Raspberry Pi 4

The launch of the Raspberry Pi 4 today is a big thing in the Maker space, IoT technologies, and low-cost but powerful computing at the PC level. A powerful device for everyone at just $35. It was supposed to be launched in 2020, but they made it happen now. It is a big deal for… Continue reading Raspberry Pi 4

The C64 is back!

Subsequent geeky announcements can’t get any better these few days. I posted about the Raspberry Pi 4.0 release earlier, and now much more exciting news for me is the upcoming release of a new Commodore 64 with a full-size keyboard later this year. The c64 was the hottest home computer in the 80s. As a… Continue reading The C64 is back!