Key tech announcements this past week

Key technology announcements in the last few days for software developers, blockchain, and data science. Both Amazon and Microsoft launched their managed blockchain services for general adoption. I expect this to disrupt the blockchain business since it simplifies the process of adopting or integrating blockchain in the development ecosystem. More info at TechCrunch and CoinDesk. Microsoft launched its version of AutoML via Azure. Users can drag and drop their machine learning building blocks which should simply the process for the less AI-savvy. (Note that more than a year ago Google launched its AutoML version.) You can read more about it here. Microsoft launched a cool Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to have a complete development environment on remote hosting machines. This means that developers can use their desktops as basic terminal machines where everything from creating folders/files, compiling, and executing code is running via docker containers/ssh/virtual machines all through their Visual Studio Code environment. That way developers can rely less on their desktop machines and, instead, leverage higher end processing power of servers during code development which shortens the CI/CD pipeline process. For more info about the VS Code extension check the Microsoft announcement.