Sad story about print books

The Atlantic article “The Books of College Libraries Are Turning Into Wallpaper” is a sad story on the decline of print books in education establishments. The article states over 60% decline in physical books being checked out by students and faculty. Nowadays, digital articles, ebooks, and online reference management software are the primary tools for scholarly research.… Continue reading Sad story about print books

Watching car races on TV

When cars were all mechanical and less tech and TVs were black and white with antennas, watching car racing was memorable. You can’t replay or pause like today. Weather-breaking broadcast reception was fans’ greatest fear. Now technology takes over mostly everything at the pit and on tv. Watching races nowadays seems more like watching a… Continue reading Watching car races on TV

BASIC First Lines of Code

One important photo that I feel any developer would appreciate is the first lines of assembly code that formed the BASIC language compiler on the first Altair personal computer written by Bill Gates and the late Paul Allen. It can be seen at the Microsoft Redmond Campus Museum. Such lines of code sparked the generation… Continue reading BASIC First Lines of Code

Embrace Gen Z into the Workforce

The corporate world should seriously embrace Generation Z into their workforce. Those born after 1997 are entering the workforce this year. Their approach in IT is to build applications with immediate real-world implications. Check what two GenZ engineers Nisha and Clarisse have to say at a HackerRank interview. Also, the financial bank BBVA Compass and Skratch,… Continue reading Embrace Gen Z into the Workforce