tricking the phone camera!

one of my favorite photo#WorkingatTR. ‘May look weird to you but let me explain. We once decided to mess up with technology. We circled ourselves with boards in a 360degrees and placed ourselves between the boards. Think of yourself standing in a center where big boards surround you anyway you turn. One of us then stood in the center, placed the mobile phone camera in panoramic mode, and began turning around himself while taking a panorama photo. What you see in the picture is a 2D+Time photo (Time from Back to the Future?) turning flat into a 2D image. While the photo is being taken, some of us would run and take different positions in order to get photographed twice in the same photo. Unfortunately, the speed of the camera is faster than our movements so we couldn’t make Einstein happy with the theory of relativity. Plus the camera was somewhat smart to recognize what is going in here – kidding, the panoramic photo shooting would stop right around the 360 degree shooting. The point with all this is I look like one of the interns and it makes me happy because it is all about energy, fun, collaboration, and love for technology and teamwork! Caleb Fung Sandilya Madiraju Samir Naqvi Shiqi (Katherine) Li Akhilesh Yeleswarapu