while cutting the lawn..

Been occasionally cutting my lawn for a long time and the lawnmower was always ready for the job until it decided to stop yesterday. It just won’t start even if there is fuel. I realized then that I have not been taking care of the machine – no oil and left it unclean. My first reaction was this is broken machine and I got to get a new one or just rely on others to cut the grass. Oh how I love finding a reason to go shopping for techie stuff … However, I am a curious person and I always tinker/hack things when needed so I removed the hood and noticed everything ok except that all it needed is attention and oil. Once I did that, the machine became helpful as always. I think its motor noise sounded like “hey, it is about time you seriously took care of me!” Why am I saying this? This applies to team work just like me and the cutting grass machine. Fuel or money does not solely do the job. It is caring, learning, and easiness/lubricating that makes a great team work!! Now I should get back to finishing the job of cutting the lawn before someone else tells me “it is about time you or someone else finished the job!”