Dallas AI Second Meetup on Deep Learning

In our second Dallas-AI.org meetup event, Viswanath Puttagunta, CTO of Divergence Academy, gave an overview of Convolution Neural Networks, and then Mandeep Kumar, CEO and Mahesh Kashyap CDO of Deep Cognition presented their desktop and cloud-based studio for developing neural networks. Divergence Academy provides courses on various topics including data science. Check Divergence Academy data science program As for Deep Cognition, Inc. they developed a complete platform for designing and applying deep learning algorithms. What I found interesting about their product is that they provide a multi dimensional view of an AI implementation. You first drag and drop building blocks to build a neural network in a wizard-like fashion and then look behind the model to see the generated code. The generated machine learning code is heavily based on ResNets, VGGs, CNNs, and Keras, all very popular deep learning frameworks and libraries. More information about Deep Cognition Thank you Divergence Academy and Deep Cognition for your sponsorship and presentation.

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