Google AIY

Setting up Google Voice AIY was an easy challenge but getting Google Vision AIY took a deep toll on me to successful solder the smaller Raspberry PI Zero W gpio pins. Messed up two PIs along the way but improving my soldering skills out weigh the cost of two $5 PI Zeros excluding the gas and time lost from the multiple trips to the store. i proudly think that I perfected the art of soldering (personal bias). Nevertheless, the multi faced benefits of Raspberry PIs, along with Arduinos, for the of things multiplied with artificial intelligence are amazing. Couple of years back I won a hackathon thanks to a RasPi idea, now I have one for retro games, and, more recently, couple of ones for AI proof of concept projects. If you never used a Raspberry Pi, go get one ! Any one!

More details about Google AIY is at


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