Commodore 64/128 FTP Sites

I found this set of FTP sources for the Commodore 64 and 128 from one old mailing list Commodore FTP Sites Listing Last update 21 Aug 2009 by Cameron Kaiser   FTP: Last updated: 24 Jun 2006 Username: c64 Password: rulez Directory: / Description: Various scene and game-oriented files, including an FUnet mirror, […]

IDEAS 2018 Conference Speaker

I will be presenting at IDEAS – Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association Dallas 2018 conference. My topic was just approved by the committee and it is titled “practical and collaborative method to jump start into machine learning projects using open source with Jupyter Notebooks and Google Collab.” The aim of my talk is to […]

Build with Watson

Last night I played around with IBM Watson Internet of Things and Bluemix cloud services platform using their developer tools. IBM changed their developer pricing policy to allow free light accounts not to expire which is a great for unlimited prototyping. I experimented with training Watson conversations dialogues and natural language understanding using their visual […]

Dallas AI Second Meetup on Deep Learning

In our second meetup event, Viswanath Puttagunta, CTO of Divergence Academy, gave an overview of Convolution Neural Networks, and then Mandeep Kumar, CEO and Mahesh Kashyap CDO of Deep Cognition presented their desktop and cloud-based studio for developing neural networks. Divergence Academy provides courses on various topics including data science. Check Divergence Academy data […]

Google AIY

Setting up Google Voice AIY was an easy challenge but getting Google Vision AIY took a deep toll on me to successful solder the smaller Raspberry PI Zero W gpio pins. Messed up two PIs along the way but improving my soldering skills out weigh the cost of two $5 PI Zeros excluding the gas […]