Deep Learning

There is a lot of great videos on deep learning on the internet. Just do a YouTube search for deep learning. The one that most inspired me are the following is Yoshua Bengio TEDx talk in 2017. Joshua Bengio one of the founding fathers of modern-day machine learning. YouTube link also a great video about […]

Search and Other Notes

Shared this is with my team about search engines ideas for custom development of our learning site: Search Engines Class-Central searches for top online courses. Notice the recommendation process including “student interests” and reviews. We can develop “student interests” by tracking number of hits to courses. Moocha search engine developed for online courses from leading […]

Developing Skills

College degree is becoming less relevant in the marketplace compared to learning and creativity outside college walls. For instance, both Ernest & Young and Penguin Random House removed university degrees as a key hiring criteria. In other words, you don’t need to pursue a masters or a PhD degree to become successful in your job. […]

Friday Reads

Machine Learning in General Lawyer Watch – Lawyers learning about prediction – 1-2017 Machine Learning Is The New Proving Ground For Competitive Advantage 3-2017 You might have heard about natural language process (NLP) – Iotcentral: brief explanation and a more technical version for developers using Python – AnalyticsVidhya 1-2017 Important article about AI from one […]