Tarek and Computers

I believe that everyone should have a chance to build and grow in the computer world. Youth or old, computers are beautiful and can always open windows for future opportunities, innovation, and personal accomplishments. Some of us might say “I don’t know where to start” or “no one asked me to do something” blah blah blah… We all can find millions of excuses not to start or restart in the magical computer world.

I tried to convey to my fellow Thomson Reuters colleagues in Hyderabad India what my passion with computers has been and what are some of the areas in the computer industry that we need to stop fearing and start experimenting with. Everyone has a chance to do something innovative. We just need to start sometime, and that is NOW!

If you would like to discuss the topic with me, please contact me at t@tarek.computer or tarek.hoteit@tr.com

You can download my presentation here.

Thanks. Now let’s Code!

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