Amazon Alexa Getting Started

Alexa development

####Getting started with Alexa service

Code to install the sample Alexa app

Code to train the Alexa with a new skill

Skills development

⁃ Read ⁃ Develop a custom skill using aws lambda or a webservice with https ⁃ Need a full device for full testing but you can use Service Simulator for testing

####Custom Skill

Consist of : ⁃ Set of intents represent actions that users can do with your skill ⁃ Set of sample utterances – map these utterances to the intents and create the interaction model ⁃ Invocation name that identifies the skill and initiates the conversation ⁃ Cloud-based service that accepts the intents and is accessible via the internet. Endpoint need to provided for skill ⁃ Configuration that puts all the info above for Alexa to route the requests ⁃ Example: User: Alexa, get high tide for Seattle from Tide Pooler “Get high tide” form the sample utterance, innovation name is “Tide Pooler” Sample utterances include: OneshotTideIntent get high tide OneshotTideIntent get high tide for {City} OneshotTideIntent tide information for {City} OneshotTideIntent when is high tide in {City} … (many more sample utterances)

To Deploying the skills:

  • Create a Lambda Function for a Skill
  • Deploying a Sample Custom Skill to AWS Lambda
  • Hosting a Custom Skill as a Web Service
  • Deploying a Sample Custom Skill as a Web Service

####Steps to Build a Custom Skill

Step 1: design the voice user interface Step 2: set up the skill Step 3: write and test the code Step 4: submit the skill

Defining the Voice Interface

two main inputs:

  • Intent schema: JSON structure for the set of intents
  • Spoken input data includes sample utterances and custom values needed for custom slots)

Custom intents developments:

Integrating with AWS Lambda

Developing using NodeJS