Python Getting Started

Getting started with Python Best place to start with Python is on Python main site itself Sometimes playing around with Python libraries for different projects can mess things up, so it is best to create virtual environment for separate Python projects. Quick and easy tool to use Perfect tool for coding in Python […]

Amazon Alexa Getting Started

Alexa development ####Getting started with Alexa service Code to install the sample Alexa app Code to train the Alexa with a new skill Skills development ⁃ Read ⁃ Develop a custom skill using aws lambda or a webservice with https ⁃ Need a full device for full testing but you can […]

Retro: Atari & Commodore days 1981-1990

This is how my life with computers first started. It all began in 1981 when I first saw my cousin in Beirut, Lebanon playing PacMan on the Atari 2600. The colors, the sounds, and the animation fascinated me. I was six years then and that’s when my passion first started to take shape. We travel to […]